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UK CAA as independent Aviation Authority, Technical Implementation Procedures and more

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Since beginning 2021 the separation of the UK from EU has become fact, a good number of arrangements have come in place.

UK CAA is now an independent Aviation Safety Agency, officially setting their own standards in accordance with ICAO Annexes as applicable.

As a website primarily focussed on Airworthiness issues, all legislation and activity related to Annex 8 are of interest.

UK CAA has always been an crucially important contributor to the development of EASA organisation development and the development of EASA regulations and guidance material and are now, due to political decisions, to pull their own weight as independent agency.

Potentially this could have very significant consequences for personnel licensing and aeronautical organisations authorisations.

Also airworthiness certification processes, like type certification, supplemental type certification and import / export of aeronautical products have changed.

Recently, UK CAA have agreed and published Technical Implementation Procedures (TIP's)

with other major Aviation Regulators;

ANAC (Brazil)

TC (Transport Canada)

EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency)

In addition, there are working agreements, with Icelandic ICAA, Japanese JCAB and Maintenance Implementation Procedures with FAA.

Below all three TIP documents, Working Arrangements and Maintenance Implementation Procedures are posted for review and download

There are also webinar slides pertaining to the subject

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Download PDF • 667KB

Download PDF • 848KB

EN Canada-UK TIP - 5 November 2020
Download PDF • 384KB

CAA EASA TIP webinar presentation
Download PDF • 1.53MB

Download PDF • 658KB

Working Arrangement UK CAA-ICETRA
Download PDF • 486KB

Download PDF • 168KB

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