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Engineering Expertise for the leasing industry

Each of all partners have decades experience in support of the leasing industry. We know the interests and key issues.

We know that asking the right questions and finding out what the is important for the customer clears up assumptions from the start and get the priorities right from the get go, we also know that priorities might shift during projects and where they may move.

Having provided services for many different lessors, we are aware that there is a large diversity in practices and because of this experience, we can offer different views and have the flexibility to adapt to the practices of our customers.

We can provide:

  • Project Management (on site) for transitions

  • Physical inspections and follow ups

  • Records inspections and rebuilds (important with Repossessions)

  • Work pack compilation and review for (re)deliveries

  • Mid Term and pre-handback inspections

  • Export and imports

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