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EASA Easy Access Rules

EASA, today, published a consolidated document worthwhile saving.

The document Combines the new rule sets for continuing Airworthiness in general (Part 145, -147, -66, -M, -T, etc) and also provides links to the associated EU Commission decisions.

The rules themselves are published per section with directly linked; the AMC's (Acceptable Means of Compliance) and GM's (guidance materials.

This provides a comprehensive publication that is really useful and written for end users, in other words; well done EASA.

With Regards to Technical Records; the "hot" issue of back to birth tracing of LLP's (Life Limited Parts); the language in M.A. 305 has been amended as to not literally specifying "back to birth traceability" but stipulating to demonstrate the basis on which current accumulated life has been determined. This will give a bit of wiggle room as opposed to full blown BTB tracing but also provides more leverage for airworthiness inspectors to demand more detailed information about any life limited part on an aircraft.

Enjoy the read!

Attached the document

Download • 11.59MB

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