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Aviation EU and China closer (EASA-CAAC TIP)

Effective 1-Sept-2020, CAA- China and EASA have agreed on cooperation in oversight and certification of Aeronautical products and organisations.

This activity has started in 2019 and has concluded in a TIP document, mutually signed by both authorities.

The TIP (Technical Implementation Procedures) describes the way oversight and data is mutually accepted which can be helpful in importing and exporting aircraft or components back and forth from China to EU jurisdictions.

Moving large commercial aircraft between jurisdictions hase been done for a long time and is relatively simple as large MRO's and component shops already have dual EASA and CAAC (and most have FAA and TC also) authorisations but for modifications and STC approvals this agreement may streamline mutual acceptance of data and approvals.

Attached relevant documents.

Download PDF • 1.36MB

Download PDF • 634KB

EU journal L240
Download PDF • 2.27MB

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