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737-800 inspections

During the last months (since mid March 2020) we have been assisting a lessor in preparing for a potential reposession of 11 aircraft amid the COVID 19 crisis that has hit commercial aviation so hard. One of us ws on site standby to secure the aircraft and records if need be while negotiations were on going between lessor and operator. The other team members were reviewing digital records that the lessor was prudent to secure digitally.

The operator deserves credit for cooperating professionally in for them very difficult circumstances by organising access to the aircraft and responding to queries concerning records.

In our opinion one of the most important factors in any transition or preparation therefore is maintaining a professional relationship with friendliness and avoidance of personal conflict, yet making sure that contractual requirements are met.

In the end the aircraft did not need to be repossessed and remain under care of the lessee/operator and available to make money for them. AT the same time we provided the client with a solid overview of technical records and physical condition of their 11 Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

We do hope that the operational environment in commercial aviation will improve and that the industry will be self sustaining and thrive again very soon!

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